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Kitchen Project

I have completed a massive list of projects to undertake this year until September. I am hoping to attend the Chicago International Miniature Show this year.  It was  not easy to make the list but hopefully the projects I have selected will turn out OK.

Here is a picture of a base model for a miniature stove I am building for my mini kitchen scene in the 1:24 scale. The prototype is OK so I am moving on to building the actual stove out of styrene.


Project Planning

Lately my work has been all over the place. I have too many ideas and inspirations to try out but do not know where to begin so I have just been working pretty much all day, late into the evenings.  I plan to re-evaluate my thoughts tomorrow to come up with a nice project list to work off. I am hoping to participate in a miniature show this summer and need to set a goal and focus.

On a side note, finished up some cute tailoring related miniatures:

measuring-tapes.jpg  spools.jpg

Miniature Baskets

I got this inspiration from a magazine picked up on decorating tips. They took several hours to make (actually I did not realize so much time had passed when I was done!) but I am extremely happy with the result. There is room for improvement but I plant to use these in a mini room box or sectional display.


Plant Pots

Finished up some plant pots. They are alittle on the larger side but can be used in a dollhouse setting as a bigger plant or in a garden. I used dried moss in little wooden pots that I modified slightly.


Re-trial Continuation

Back to working on improving the food tray. It is alot of work! I am trying to improve the lines, even out the surface and give the clay an overall smooth appearance so when casting it will not look so unfinished. I am also working on making tiny cups to go with the food tray but need to figure out how to get a nice even thickness on the inside and rim.


Acrylic Deco

I finished a batch of Yoko Matsuda’s acrylic art for decorating a cell phone cover, ipod or anything! I still need to improve my acrylic art technique so I can get a more even surface. Using a good brush helps and a great tip from Yoko Matsuda: mix monomer and brush cleaner (both from EZ Flow) in a 2:3 ratio. This helps the powder dry slower so you have a longer working time. Using the best quality acrylic powder is essential. Another great tip from YM: use competition white EZ Flow powder, pure color pigments and blender to make your own custom colors!



I am concentrating on re-doing food tray 1 and 2. I do not feel some of the components turned out so well including the tray. On the side I finally got the hang of Yoko Matsuda’s acrylic bear. I love her nail art and have all her tutorials that were published in Nail Max.


Food Tray 1 and 2

I am working on making some tiny collectible food trays.  They are nearing completion and I am OK with how they are turning out. I still have a long ways to go in improving my miniature making skills.  I hope to finish up another 2 or 3 more variations by the end of this week.

project-2.jpg       project-3.jpg