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Food Tray-Re-visited

I was working on improving the shape of the food tray from the original 1&2. I managed to get a slightly better shape but there is much more work that needs to be done. One the side I was experimenting with some baked fish and some sides and am fairly happy with the result. I need to work on shaping a cup that goes with the tray. I got this idea from a Japanese miniature artist.


Food Series 1 Project-Nearing Completion

I have 1 more food plate to complete (salad with soft boiled egg in the center, croutons and crispy bits of bacon!) I finished some cup a soups and need to add the cutlery. The cutlery is so hard to shape! I hope that I can finish by early next week since I have so many other projects I want to try out!


Food Series 1 Project-Calamari

I was waiting to try this technique to make realistic looking fried food and the results turned out pretty good. I used the technique to make some tiny calamari and used the salad from the original food plate (shredded cabbage and slices of radish). The lemon was made from a cane that I sliced up. I wanted to make an actual wedge but it was alittle frustrating so I gave up but will re-visit this idea for a later project 🙂


I changed the salad on the first food project and removed the cherry tomatoes because the colors started looking weird after re-evaluating the plate after a couple days. I still need to add a set of utensils (which are taking forever to make and keep breaking when I am filing them!) and a cup of coffee/tea or a cup of soup.


Food Series 1 Project

My next project to conquer for the show is a set of 5 different foods on wooden trays. I am about 80% complete with the sandwich/boiled egg combo and starting the next one (lettuce leaves and ??).


Kitchen Project Completion!

I have finally finished the small kitchen scene I was building. It took forever because I came up with the design from scratch and did not know where to begin then where to finish. I will re-visit this piece closer to the show in September and will hopefully be able to make a few improvements. Comments are appreciated.

Size in cm: 7.5 L x 3.5 W x 6.5 H


Kitchen Project-Stove Completion

Finally finished the stove! It turned out better than I expected but not entirely like how I envisioned it to be. I will work with a styrene alternative (PVC?) next time so I can get a smoother appearance.  Next on the list is to complete some more kitchen accessories.


Kitchen Project-Stove Continuation

I am fairly happy with how the stove is turning out. I built the prototype with wood then went on to assemble the actual model with styrene so it had a smoother appearance but the styrene was too thin and the thicker boards were to difficult to cut and shape so I tried to smooth the original balsa model with clay and paint then a coat of varnish. I just need to add the back board and some buttons.

100_1635.JPG 100_16371.JPG