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Miniature Project-Antique Shop

I got inspired by a couple of miniature artists and decided my next project to be an antique shop. This will be probably by last or second last ‘room’ setting style project. Until the show in September I will be focusing on creating some food miniatures and miniature singles to have ready for sale.


Miniature Kitchen Project#2-Completion

Finally after a long weekend and alot of work the second kitchen project was finished today with the table and floor assembly and the addition of a egg slicer! Two sets were created, one for auction and the other for the September show.


Miniature Bread Box

The breads and vintage box are built and ready for display. I am still working on building a table and flooring for this second kitchen project but cannot get the table proportions correct.


Miniature Breads

I tried making breads with a new technique for the first time and am happy with the result but see a lot of room for improvement. They will be put into a box for the kitchen project#2 (under the table).


New Project-Kitchen Scene#2

My new project will be another kitchen based scene. A antique table, weathered kitchen flooring, misc. kitchen goods and a box of breads for underneath the table to add some extra fun stuff.

Today was mainly focused on building and completing the singles and then putting together a small trial scene.


Miniature Project Nearing Completion

I am almost done with this misc. goods miniature project. I just need to finish up the paper cutter (top right corner) and build a pencil holder for the ruler and some pencils. This will be listed on Yahoo Japan or eBay this week and I will include a link for any interested bidders.


Miniature Scene-Misc. Goods

I spent the whole day building these mini’s even though I am sick and supposed to be in bed. I feel ‘better’ in the sense that I am not sitting around doing nothing and feeling worse..


Miniature Scene

I am working on creating a miniature scene of various goods such as letters, parcels etc. I got tired of making the singles and decided to work on a bigger project for now. The rubber stamps in the picture were created with wood, clay, oil paints and clear stickers. They measure about 4mm in width.