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Miniature Cookie Packets

These were fun to make but very time consuming. Each cookie was cut, textured then painted and shaded to get accurate colors of baked vanilla and chocolate cookies. The only mistake I made was to put a layer of satin glaze as it kind of took away from the texture but in a way it worked out as glazed cookies. The packets were made with clear bags from crystal clear bags Canada (great and very good prices!(modified the size however to fit the mini cookies) The logo was designed in a program called open office but the base was first designed in paint.


Miniature Parcels

I am continuing with the ‘singles’ theme for some time. Its more exciting and I like the change of pace plus I am able to complete several projects in one day and build some inventory for the show in September.  Suggestions on what to build next would be great, comments are always welcomed and appreciated!


Food Series 1 Project-Completion

I figured out a nice way to make tiny wooden spoons and am still working on the forks. I cannot get them to a size small enough to fit on the trays therefore after some thought I went ahead with some store bought this concludes the first food series project. Hopefully the next one can be made completely from scratch!


Miniature Tea Bags

My second ‘singles’ project was to create tiny little tea bags with the cover and actual bag!  The covers measure between 15mm to 10mm.

100_1750.JPG 100_1751.JPG 100_1752.JPG

Bagel Packets

I worked on some singles this weekend because the finishing touches for the food trays is not going so well. I need to research some better material for the cutlery.

I am going to continue making some collectible single miniatures since I got some new inspirations and need to try them out!