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Miniature Animal Project-Rabbit

I love animals and was really inspired by my friend’s work to create this piece. It was fairly time consuming but fun! The rabbit is 2 cm tall and the length of the entire piece is about 4cm.  I would like to try listing this as a custom order piece on etsy. Comments are appreciated if you are interested!


Miniature Christmas Cake

Its alittle early but I really wanted to try making a tiny cake. I will need to build some other items to complete this piece, probably a tiny tree, candle and Christmas card.


New Items for Show

I am working to build up some food items for the show before I leave for vacation the following week. I get  a lot of my inspirations from Japanese artists and foods.  My favorite is the deep fried set as it was challenging and I was fairly happy with the results.


Miniature Food Plate Completion

Finally finished the gift for my mom’s birthday. I was happy with the results this time around since I experimented with some new techniques I learned from various websites.


Miniature Lunch Plate

My gift project is turning out pretty good. I need to still figure out how to properly make cutlery that doesn’t break when I file to smooth the edges. I will also add a piece of paper on the stand to be a note and menu.


Miniature Food Project-A Gift

I am back to working with miniature food although this is a project that I am going to gift someone (plus I ordered some supplies for my miniature animal projects that have not yet arrived!)


Miniature Animal Projects

I got inspired by a friend to create this piece. She works with miniature animals (amazing work and I am no where near as good as her…) The base needs something added to it. I am thinking some larger pebbles and some grass bits growing between the stumps.

My next project will most likely be a similar one since I am on this miniature animal kick. Working with dollhouse miniatures and miniature food is starting to get a little tedious. I need a new idea to pull me back in…


Miniature Antique Shop Completion

Finally finished the antique shop. It turned out OK but was so time consuming and laborious at the end that I rushed some details (need to learn more patience!)