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Antique Shop-Miniature Stamps

This is a different version of the previous rubber stamps I made. I wanted to go smaller and with cleaner lines. I still have room for improvement and have an idea for the next time I need to create this miniature.


Antique Shop-Miniature Lantern

Still continuing with building the base and adding as many small articles as I can make. I am almost done with this tiny lantern. I got the inspiration to make this from a book called Junk Style. Its got some awesome vintage housewares. Its completely made from scratch with some acrylic and plastic building materials and some wire and paint.


Antique Shop Continuation

I have been lazy the last couple of days. After a short break I finished some more small articles and the base for the antique shop. I used a dry brushing technique to get the weathered look to the panels on the outside of the shop.