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Food Tray-Continuation

Continuing working on finishing up the food tray ideas from a Japanese miniaturist. Its alot of work but fun to find out how the items will turn out.


Food Tray Continuation

Still continuing with the food tray projects. I tried making a layered cheese quiche which was very difficult to figure out! Anyways the results were fairly decent.


Food Tray Re-visited

As one skill’s improve, we tend to re-visit previous failed projects. I am working on a new food tray series for the show and to eventually list online as miniature collectible items.


Miniature Ice Cream Factory

Built this project on a whim but it did turn out better than I expected. I would like to complete this piece later on with a miniature bear with an apron and ice cream scooper and some nice tiled flooring for a base.


Sweet Tray

Got this idea from another miniature artist but I changed several things around to make it my own design. “Japanese” style miniatures are the most creative and appealing in design (just my opinion!)


Deco-Tiny Gothic Bear and Rabbit

I really wanted to try making these figures I saw in a magazine in a tiny size. I plan to use them in a resin mold to turn them into a pair of stud earrings or a ring.


New Work

As I learn new techniques and get new inspirations I try to incorporate them into my miniatures. I hope to eventually develop my own style or product that can really turn into a brand name…its nice to think big.


Something New-Stamp Carving

I tried carving some dollar store vinyl erasers last night and was fairly happy with the results. I have to work on improving my lines and keeping the stamp ‘clean’. The most difficult part is the lettering since its so small! I use micro carving tools that you can purchase from a full supply wood crafting store. I specifically picked mine up from a store in Kitchener called Chipping Away¬†