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Summer Trip Pictures-Part 2

Finally got some of my trip pictures uploaded. Most the pictures I took were of my 2 dogs 🙂 For the birthday (mom and me share the same day) we spent 2 days at the Emirates Palace hotel in the city I grew up in, Abu Dhabi. It is a spectacular hotel that blows the Burj away. We had booked 2 suites that includes 24/7 butler service for each room, an additional guest room and bathroom, dining room and a tv room! They have 2 different pools : fun and relaxing, a beach with white sand that is brought in from Algeria! The palace is huge and every single section of this hotel is covered with beautiful marble and exquisite paintings and decor (much more tasteful than the Burj which is my opinion is like visiting a circus with gaudy colors).


New Work

I have not been updating my blog as I am working hard to finish up some more pieces for the October MET in Toronto. Plus there are new items up on etsy, check them out!