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PMC Class Projects

I signed up for some basic PMC classes at a local studio in Kitchener (Cynosure) . The instructor was great and the price was so reasonable! We completed 4 pieces during the program and I still had lots of clay left over to try some projects at home. I loved the look of my paste leaf pendant so I made a couple more 🙂

Miniature Box Completed

Finally finished the miniature box, will list on etsy tomorrow and hope someone buys 🙂 The bear hand puppet was my second attempt at needle felting and it was fun! I will definitely be trying more felting projects.

Miniature Keepsake Box

I found this box along with some other amazing things from the dollar store this week. I got the idea to fill it up with some handmade and some re-ment miniatures to make a cute keepsake/display piece. Finishing touches will include a puppet on a stand, hanging bagel packets, and a door painted on the front of the box!

Stamp Carving Adventures

I only recently discovered that you can carve your own rubber stamps and I was hooked! In my adventures I have discovered a few different techniques and materials and hope that I can continue to improve. I definitely recommend micro carving tools (used for wood) and the pink block by speedball (medium texture but soft enough for beginners). I really like these designs I doodled up with so I am going to try listing them on etsy to see the response.


Miniature Tips-My Top Five Products

I thought instead of a tutorial (since it takes way too long to set up) I would share my top five products I use on a daily basis to create some of my miniature foods!

1. Japanese Resix clay (starch and resin clay) is great for creating fruits, veggies and breads.

2.  Pando clay (usually used to make flowers) is excellent for making breads when mixed with a super light weight air dry clay (can be found at Micheal’s stores).

3. Delta acrylic paints are awesome to paint foods and to mix in with the 2 air dry clays above. They have a smooth texture and a great selection of colors! Good idea to stock up when on sale.

4. Basic tools: toothpicks, toothbrush, tweezers and embroidery scissors. Basic items used to create many foods and miniature breads. Use the toothbrush to texture the surface and fine point scissors to cut the shapes on top of the breads. Toothpicks are great for creating textures or holding tools. Tweezers are great to move stuff around if your  hands are covered in paint!

5.  Sculpey white clay is excellent to create a prototype of the miniature food you want to build. You can then bake and take a mold of it if you want to make several copies of an item such as berries!

Hope these are useful to someone! You can find the 2 Japanese air clays fairly easily on etsy now…or try to find a nice seller on eBay/etsy that lives in Japan that does custom purchases 🙂