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Miniature Bread-Trial

Lately I have been obsessed with 2 things. PMC clay and miniature clay bread! Today I spent some time in the morning trying some new techniques to improve my miniature clay bread techniques. I already have a secret blend that I use but I want to really create very realistic looking bread. Here is the trial shape I have created so far…


It is closing in on the one year anniversary of my etsy shop. It has been a great experience learning about online marketing and business techniques. I set a goal of 50 sales for my first year and I have surpassed it. This year I hope to increase sales, grow awareness of my shop and work hard to improve the quality of my miniatures.

Miniature Wood Parts

My favorite material to use to build miniatures has to be wood. Balsa and basswood are the best bases for many items such as paintbrushes, pencils, trays, flooring etc. Wood also takes paint very well especially oil paints which can be used to give items a vintage look.

Miniature Dish

Some of my favorite miniature artists have re-opened their websites. After viewing their new work I am starting to feel more motivated. I created this tiny dish from clay then coated it with enamel paint, aged it and customized with the decal.

Miniature Bear

Here is a picture of my second attempt at creating a miniature bear. I recommend using a good quality fabric, clear thread and a small sharp needle. I was very surprised that it turned out this well! One foot is slightly uneven and the face was not round enough but I definitely learned a lot from this experience! Here is a link to a great miniature bear supplies site, Sassy Bears and Fabrics.

Great Breakfast

I wanted to share this great and easy recipe. Its excellent for breakfast but makes a nice snack too!

PMC Clay Projects

Here are some other projects I have been working on. In class I learned how to create a tube bead. It was difficult to get a texture with the syringe clay on top of the tube bead but I like how it turned out! The keys are a project I tried at home and were made without the use of molds!

Jewelry Course

I will be taking a break from the Japanese craft book reviews for some time. I wanted to share my progress on a PMC clay jewelry course that I am attending here in Kitchener, Ontario.

I recently discovered this material and found a great instructor willing to set up some beginner courses. So far I have created some leaf paste earrings and pendants and this handmade wreath pendant from PMC original.

I will share some pictures of my own projects tomorrow!