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New Earrings

I am loving how these earrings I am working on are turning out! I am finishing it up by polishing to get a shine on the high areas and the tube bezels will be set with some pretty green sapphires to stimulate leaves. Will hopefully be posted in the shop by tomorrow morning.

Side Project

I was waiting to try out some new felt I got from Japan. I made these while I was taking a break from my normal work routine 🙂

Changing Gears

It is a challenge to work in two different fields. I am having a tough time changing gears between deco alley and my jewelry shop. I am finishing up a few more minis this week and then moving back to jewelry designing.

Custom Orders

Some lovely blue rose cuts. Items are still with my supplier but should arrive in a few months 🙂 You can start submitting your orders though!

Contact me directly for details at decoalley (at) gmail (dot) com or visit my etsy shop at to submit an order through the custom order listing that is currently set up here.

Miniatures For Your Home

I am trying out a line of some miniatures that can be used for home decor. I think that many people like miniature things but right now what is mostly available on the market is the old traditional dollhouse. My work will be mostly framed miniature doors and some cute food miniature key holders.

Working Hard

In this tough economy starting a new business venture may not sound like a good thing to do but I think that all the creative people out there should give it a go! If you have a product or idea that you think may bring some benefit to people then it should be shared 🙂 I am working extra hard on the business end of things since sales are slow but its been a fun learning experience.

Here is a picture of my first custom order, hope she likes it!

Rose Cut Diamond Stacking Rings

Finished some of the stacking rings last night and listed them on etsy! Some of the bezels were damaged so I will have to repair them. I love the look of all the rings stacked together and surprisingly they feel very light and are comfortable to wear!

Lots of Stacking Rings

I spent literally the whole day creating many bezels, rings and settings. It was a great learning experience for me especially since I am self taught. I really want to learn how to set tiny stones both round and non round! One project I failed today was soldering the rose gold filled bands. I will be re-attempting that tomorrow!!