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Yellow Diamond Slices

I asked my friend/supplier in India if they use diamond slices and he sent me these delicious pictures! I think I am going to order a slice or two…one to make a ring or necklace for myself and another to put up in the shop!

Free Form Rose Cut Gemstones

I just want to share 🙂 Pictures speak for themselves, will update with acutal stock once they arrive.

New Blog Theme

Finally after many days of not posting….I was working on learning a little css so I can modify themes to my personal tastes! It was fun and I am still going to make improvements as I learn more detailed programming but for now I am happy!

I want to share some pictures of some new items coming in the next few weeks. I have been trying to work on developing my own personal style. Hopefully I can come up with some good designs and finished products to list soon.

New Projects

I am setting a goal for myself to list about 2 new items in my shop for this week. Tonight I have already listed some hammered hoops and the next item will be a pair of rose cut studs.

I am going to set a pair of small black ones today and later this week add some colored ones! See below for the pictures of the gorgeous stones.

Shop Makeover

I am in the process of making over my jewelry shop. I rushed the opening and did not focus on developing a theme and having nice pictures. I feel so far there is a big improvement!

I also wanted to share some fabulous finds! I am working on reading through a very advanced stone setting manual. I do not know if I will be able to set these right away but in the future hopefully they will all turn into some gorgeous and unique rings, earrings and pendants!

New Cases

I am going to remove my handmade miniatures from my shop since I have not sold any in the past year. I think I will auction them off on Yahoo Japan since my other miniatures have sold really well in the past.

Here is a rough preview on some new cases. I have even having custom made lip balms that I will be decorating with some cute miniature items. They should be in the shop by the end of this month!

I am also working on updating my jewelry shop. I rushed the opening unfortunately. My prices are also too low and the pictures need to be redone. I am building a light box tomorrow and will be experimenting with taking some new photographs!