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Diamond Slice Ring

I made this ring as a special custom order for a customer..I feel very good about how it turned out! I hope that I can make a couple more in the future!

The Bonbi Forest Indie Emporium

I contacted Lee May regarding a consignment on her online shop Bonbi Forest and so nicely  she said yes! UK and area buyers have contacted me before but were not set up to pay with pay pal so I took this chance to send some cute cases over! Check them out here: Deco Alley at Bonbi Forest

Conflict Free Diamonds

I love working with diamonds, they have a sparkle that cannot be beat by any other gemstone. I also love working with conflict free stones. I only deal with a few suppliers and their receipts come with a note guaranteeing that the gemstones and diamonds supplied are conflict free plus they are very reputable companies in the US and one or two are abroad. I am glad the awareness for conflict free jewelry is increasing!


Finally a good episode of Lost this season. The time travel stuff got kind of boring and unrelated to the show and I really hated how they kept featuring Kate in every scene…her character has become really irritating!! Anyways, it was a really good season finale but sad that Juliet died. I have no idea what is going on with Locke and Jacob but next season is the last one so hopefully they tell us.

Fancy Color Diamonds

I love colored diamonds. I just ordered some tiny stones from my supplier in shades of warmer colors this time. I lalready have a set of cool color rings in silver but these ones will be set in gold!

Free Form Rose Cuts

Here is what I currently have on hand with the free form rose cuts. I have already used one Iolite and 1 small pink tourmaline to create a ring and necklace which are available in my shop. I hope to order more tourmaline slices in about 1 week or so.