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Natural Unheated Sapphires

This is the first time I have seen unheated sapphires, they are so beautiful! Heat treated stones are nice too though but I am going to have fun working with these lovely emerald cut stones.


Finally after many months summer is finally here. We do not have air conditioning in our apartment and the city is going through a heat wave right now…its so hot! That aside I have been working on developing some new pieces of jewelry. These items are going to be under $50.00 and are basic shapes and designs that can fit into any one’s wardrobe.

This is my first basics collection but I hope to grow it and release a second basics collection next year as I continue to learn and create my own signature style.

New Obsession – Japanese Masking Tape MT

I found these lovely tapes online…I cannot believe I only recently discovered them. They are a wonderful translucent rice tape that comes in the most amazing colors and patterns from a Japanese company MT or short for Masking Tape (I think).

I think I found a new obsession. I need to collect more colors. They are fantastic to use when I mail out parcels to customers as it really brightens up my recycled packaging!

Hard Lesson Learned

Today I unfortunately had to deal with my first ‘problem’ customer. A customer claiming they never got the package but tracking info showed it delivered a few days ago. I am going through the whole pay pal thing right now…I HATE PAYPAL and am looking into other options right now…but until then I am stuck with them.

Lesson learned about shipping packages:

Ship Insured

Ship with signature confirmation if over $250.00 US (but at the expense of the buyer of course)

Ship to the confirmed address

Hopefully I will be able to fight back these unfortunate claims if I follow the above guidelines. Blah.

New Diamond Slices

I had to get these two amazing slices from my friend/supplier! They are in the 7.90 mm size range and available for custom settings into rings or a pendant. Contact me for details through my etsy shop! Visit the sidebar for the link.