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More Diamond Slices

Another lovely lot on reserve and on hold for custom orders. These diamond slices are natural, conflict free, and larger pieces with beautiful luster. Would look stunning set in gold or silver.

Etsy Shop Update

I finally got my laptop back from my husband…he was on a trip with it. I was able to add some nice new pieces to my shop. Next in line is a modern bridal collection modeled in sterling sliver, with a new gold pieces too!

New Diamond Slices

I wanted to share a picture of a lot of new diamond slices. I will be receiving about 5-7 carats from this 110 carat lot to create some new diamond slice rings! These are natural diamonds, with beautiful shades of color and are conflict free.

More pics to be posted of actual stock in a few weeks.



I have started running again. Its been hard since I was very inactive all winter. For the summer I always prefer to exercise outdoors and once I start it becomes an addiction. In our new apartment we have a large indoor pool and a basketball court/indoor open gym so no excuses this winter!


I have been lazy the last couple days. We are moving to a new apartment next month and I have done not one bit of packing. Its too hard in this heat!

Anyways, I miss my cute dog…here is a picture of him! He lives with my parents in Dubai.

Etsy Shop Update

I finally got around adding a few of the pieces from my basics jewelry line…the rest of the items can be found via the Etsy shop link in my sidebar! Only a few more pieces to add to this collection then I can start working on my bridal line which will be modeled in sterling silver but will be made to order in gold.


I have 6 new items of my basic jewelry collection that has been sitting at my desk for about 1 week now and I just cannot find the motivation to list them. My husband left for Las Vegas a few days ago and I feel kind of lost without him around. I am starting to adjust to the changes in my daily routine and hope to list some items in my etsy store today!