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Diamond Slice

I am crazy for diamond slices! They are the most unique and interesting form of diamond that I have seen. This is the latest lot from my supplier…I have picked out a couple stones and will post pictures when I receive them!


Blue Rosecut Diamond

I have this beautiful 1.29 carat treated blue diamond on the way. I am really excited to set it in 14 or 18K rose gold. I have just recently noticed how lovely blue and rose gold look together! I will post again once the ring is completed.

I am just debating on the finish, should it be hammered/matte or with a soft rounded band/polished?

Little Torch

I went for a one on one lesson at The Devil’s Workshop last week. It was really fun! I basically tackled the mystery of using a jeweler’s torch. This whole time I have been doing my work with a micro torch and butane fuel. It’s a great tool for beginners to start using to get used to soldering but I was at a stage where it was just limiting my work.

I purchased the Little Torch, same as my instructor. I have read mixed reviews of this product online but it was just so small and easy to use in my class that I wanted to get it to try at home.

I will post my review and pictures once I set up and start using it over the next few weeks. Its going to be tough graduating over and letting go of my micro torch.

New Designer Discovery – Jacquie Aiche

I thought I would feature one of my newly discovered and currently most favorite jewelry designer! Jacquie Aiche is amazing! I love the use of organic and natural gemstones in her work. Very inspirational and unique.