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Rose Cut Sapphires and More!

Here is a lovely pic of some of the new stock I am working with! Items include rose cut sapphires, diamonds and tourmaline plus a lovely agate, dendrite and coral that I got drilled. I will be attempting to set these as pendants with sterling or gold tube rivets.

All items are available for custom orders before I list them in my shop 🙂

Rose Cut Garnet Slices

Yay! Working with my supplier to get some new stock in just before Christmas so I can have some projects to work on when I come back from my vacation in the new year! I am visiting my parents in Dubai (yes, the city of gold!!) 🙂

Beautiful Sky

I wish I could have captured all the shades of the red and pink that were in the evening sky…

Dollhouse Miniature Bread

It has been a long time since I worked with handmade miniatures. I was afraid that I lost my skills but was happy that these breads turned out so well! Its a project I have re-visited many times and I feel so far this is the best batch. I still need to conquer getting realistic insides (air bubbles) and working on more complicated designs.

Holiday Promotions

It is that time of year again! Christmas is coming up and I always spend so much time looking for the perfect gift…I avoid the mall these days because its crowded and generic.

I currently have a shipping promo going on in both my shops, check out the links to the side. I also am planning something different this year…maybe next month I will offer free gifts along with any purchase or free shipping all together? Come back and visit!