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Training with a Diamond Setter

I had a very cool week of training with Gerry. It was fun and very informative for me.

The nice part of training is that is done at your own studio!

Gerry has a wealth of knowledge to share with those interested in diamond setting.  Gerry focuses on technique and developing your skills rather than teaching you shortcuts and ways to save time.  I understand for some companies time is money but there really is no shortcut for professional work.

We covered a variety of topics like gypsy setting, princess setting, round solitaires, channel setting and more!

I can’t decided which day was my favorite but I definitely enjoyed the time towards the end when we got to work with gravers! Bright cutting seems to be a dying art form but if you can see Gerry’s work in person I am sure you will get hooked!

I have attached Gerry’s contact information, he is very friendly and easy to work with so give him a call!

Setting Tutor Poster

Computer Back Up

Recently my lap top’s hard drive failed and I had lost my precious data. I thought that the network was set up to back up my data to another computer but that had stopped over one year ago!

Lucky for me there are data recovery specialists out there 🙂 I contacted Mannan through a local ad on Kijiji and he responded immediately and took in my hard drive. A short 2 days later I was able to pick up my data and was also surprised to see that my old hard drive was repaired!

I have learned my lesson and have already backed up my data to my old hard drive, a new one and to some Cd’s! A DVD is better but my laptop is older and does not have the ability to burn DVDs.

People in need of data recovery in the KW area can contact Mannan at mannan.canada AT He is easy to work with and the prices are very reasonable.