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More Jewelry in the Making

Still piles of work on my bench waiting to be finished…I want to stock up on ready to ship items for my relaunch. I am working on taking photos of the items that are finished!

Next month I will be getting more tiny seahorses, starfish and shells that I will cast along with some new walrus ivory! Everything is ethically sourced. The seahorses are farm raised and died of natural causes, the starfish are found washed up along the beaches of Florida as are the shells.

Broken English Blog

I was browsing through my list of favorite blogs this evening and came across this post:

I did a double take because the loose diamond slices in the photos look exactly like the lot I had custom cut for me back in 2010. I clicked through the post to see if there was any credit given to either me or my supplier that cut the goods for me…nothing was found.

What is the protocol for using photos without permission? I always though the source should be given credit, don’t you think its only fair if using the photos for commercial gain?

I left a comment on the site hoping to hear something back soon!


Working with castings is a blessing. The piece is almost ready to go! I say almost because it still needs to be tumbled, cleaned up, assembled and cleaned/finished again.

I never took any formal courses in gold or silver smiting so I kind of make things up as I go along. Of course they are logical methods but I am sure I am missing out on some tips and tricks that could really help me out.

Next month I am going down to the US so I plan to do some research and see if I can get a hold of some good books. The Internet is a valuable resource but good information is hard to find. Once I compile some great tips I will be sure to share them on my new website and blog in the works!

Here is another sneak peak to some things to come:

Work in Progress

My shop is closed while I study, try to pack up for the move and re-launch my jewelry! I have been hard at work and its finally paid off big time today. I picked up the first castings of objects that I have been collecting over the years.

Shells, tiny findings, charms and the most special tiny sea horses! I will also be getting a new shipment of the most gorgeous fossil walrus ivory. Attached is a sample of 3 of the 8 new colors and patterns!

ps. the black smudges were the prices that I had to cover, they are not part of the ivory!

New Stones

I have been working really hard over the last couple weeks trying to get my shop ready, my studying organized and my packing started!

My husband got a great job offer in another city so we are moving to Ottawa in less than 2 months.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the few stones coming in! Lots of new jewelry will be in the making…I just hope I can get everything up before I have to move!