I have dedicated this blog to my deco alley custom goods and miniature diary. I have always loved customizing things I own with beads, clay, charms etc as I feel it adds a personal and fun touch to generic items like cell phone covers, keys and more.

Miniature crafts are fairly new to me. I never knew that such a fun and interesting world existed! I will be sharing some of my current projects and eventually have some short tutorials as well so make sure to check back often 🙂

A little about myself …I am currently living in Kitchener ON Canada with my hubby who I have known for 8 years now (married Nov 25 2007). When I am not working on my hobby I enjoy reading and cooking and looking for new ideas and inspirations.

I currently have a small inventory of my deco contacts cases and a few additional items for sale on esty.com. If you see anything you wish to inquire about on my blog or on etsy please do not hesitate to contact me.

My new venture for 2009 is jewelry! I am self taught and in the process of expanding my skills and developing my own personal style. Most of my work is done in sterling silver but I do try to incorporate yellow gold as much as I can. I love working with raw, rose cut diamonds and fancy color precious gemstones such as sapphires. View my work on Etsy via the link in the sidebar.

Take care!

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  1. Terri Haag says:

    I am writing an article on diamond slices for Lapidary Journal’s Jewelry Artist Magazine and saw your website. I’d like to interview you via email, get your take on diamond slices, find out what you like about them, etc. If you are interested I’ll send you a questionnaire. Let me know as I have a fairly tight deadline…



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