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Holiday Promotions

It is that time of year again! Christmas is coming up and I always spend so much time looking for the perfect gift…I avoid the mall these days because its crowded and generic.

I currently have a shipping promo going on in both my shops, check out the links to the side. I also am planning something different this year…maybe next month I will offer free gifts along with any purchase or free shipping all together? Come back and visit!

The Bonbi Forest Indie Emporium

I contacted Lee May regarding a consignment on her online shop Bonbi Forest and so nicely  she said yes! UK and area buyers have contacted me before but were not set up to pay with pay pal so I took this chance to send some cute cases over! Check them out here: Deco Alley at Bonbi Forest

New Cases

I am going to remove my handmade miniatures from my shop since I have not sold any in the past year. I think I will auction them off on Yahoo Japan since my other miniatures have sold really well in the past.

Here is a rough preview on some new cases. I have even having custom made lip balms that I will be decorating with some cute miniature items. They should be in the shop by the end of this month!

I am also working on updating my jewelry shop. I rushed the opening unfortunately. My prices are also too low and the pictures need to be redone. I am building a light box tomorrow and will be experimenting with taking some new photographs!

Side Project

I was waiting to try out some new felt I got from Japan. I made these while I was taking a break from my normal work routine 🙂


It is closing in on the one year anniversary of my etsy shop. It has been a great experience learning about online marketing and business techniques. I set a goal of 50 sales for my first year and I have surpassed it. This year I hope to increase sales, grow awareness of my shop and work hard to improve the quality of my miniatures.

Stamp Carving Adventures

I only recently discovered that you can carve your own rubber stamps and I was hooked! In my adventures I have discovered a few different techniques and materials and hope that I can continue to improve. I definitely recommend micro carving tools (used for wood) and the pink block by speedball (medium texture but soft enough for beginners). I really like these designs I doodled up with so I am going to try listing them on etsy to see the response.


Embroidery Projects

I really love Japanese craft books. They are the best! I was so inspired that I tried out 2 projects. The denim bag was my first one and it was really hard to embroider on dark fabric as I could not find a good solution to transfer the images. I used a white marker and had to free hand a lot. The second is a simpler piece on a nice piece of fabric I got from the dollar store!


Deco-Tiny Gothic Bear and Rabbit

I really wanted to try making these figures I saw in a magazine in a tiny size. I plan to use them in a resin mold to turn them into a pair of stud earrings or a ring.