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Relaunch Coming Soon!

I made it to Ottawa! But I am currently ‘homeless’. I am staying with a relative of my husbands so I don’t have much with me at this home…just the tools I need to work on current orders.

I managed to start taking some photos of my new work and I am excited to reveal some on Facebook, check them out here.

Lots more in production (LOTS) including more amazing shark teeth jewelry (I have loved sharks since I was 12) and lots of nice castings from natural items from the sea like seahorses, sea stars, shells, and some fish parts!

I will post some pictures of my trip to Georgia and the Carolina’s too! Such a beautiful holiday with lots of good food, I miss the shrimp and grits already!

Broken English Blog

I was browsing through my list of favorite blogs this evening and came across this post:

I did a double take because the loose diamond slices in the photos look exactly like the lot I had custom cut for me back in 2010. I clicked through the post to see if there was any credit given to either me or my supplier that cut the goods for me…nothing was found.

What is the protocol for using photos without permission? I always though the source should be given credit, don’t you think its only fair if using the photos for commercial gain?

I left a comment on the site hoping to hear something back soon!

Training with a Diamond Setter

I had a very cool week of training with Gerry. It was fun and very informative for me.

The nice part of training is that is done at your own studio!

Gerry has a wealth of knowledge to share with those interested in diamond setting.  Gerry focuses on technique and developing your skills rather than teaching you shortcuts and ways to save time.  I understand for some companies time is money but there really is no shortcut for professional work.

We covered a variety of topics like gypsy setting, princess setting, round solitaires, channel setting and more!

I can’t decided which day was my favorite but I definitely enjoyed the time towards the end when we got to work with gravers! Bright cutting seems to be a dying art form but if you can see Gerry’s work in person I am sure you will get hooked!

I have attached Gerry’s contact information, he is very friendly and easy to work with so give him a call!

Setting Tutor Poster


Wow, I found out today that I was featured in the Etsy Jewelry gift guide! What an honor…I am very happy as it’s increased the traffic through my shop significantly.

Thanks Etsy 🙂

Rose Cut Gems

More pictures from the same supplier sending me the flat garnet slices…this is a selection of some of the lovely stones I am getting! I do not know if I will be able to finish any pieces before my vacation but custom requests are welcome to reserve the stock. Gemstones include iolite and amethyst, blue sapphire, emerald, pink tourmaline, flat onyx, citrine, aquamarine, brandy topaz and lapis!