Japanese Craft Book Reveiw- Igne Oyalari

Igne Oyalari

ISBN 978-4-277-31166-3

Yen 1500

This is one Japanese book that I wished I could read Japanese. It is full of beautiful pictures of an exquisite form of needle lace embroidery. My favorite are  the  3D earrings and necklaces. The color combinations of the embroidery in this book are beautiful.  I would recommend this book for the viewing pleasure.

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Igne Oyalari


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3 Responses to “Japanese Craft Book Reveiw- Igne Oyalari”

  1. Gina says:

    Thank you for sharing this link!!!! I only just learned the basics of this lace, and have been searching for more details and patterns. This book is hard to find. I found a copy on Ebay and snagged it. Thank you. Happy crafting!

  2. admin says:

    Glad you found this book, come back and visit for more reviews!!

  3. Dilek says:


    I love igne oyalari and it is our country work. I have many designs and more ideas about igne oyalari. You can keep in touch with me.


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