Wholesale Diamonds and Sapphires

I love diamonds and unique gemstones or any material that can be used for jewelry! I have updated my gem shop to now offer wholesale pricing without having to buy in bulk!

I will be listing lots of new items over the next couple weeks including some roses cut emeralds, tourmaline, and even a few pieces of walrus and mammoth ivory!!

A special addition to my store will be some beautiful carved gemstones in the shapes of sea shells, scales, skulls and lovely geometric shapes like hexagon sapphires and ruby. These are not expected to arrive for a few months but add my shop to your favorites so you can be notified when they arrive.

You can visit Fractal Gems here.


Since I did not prepare for a promo for December I am doing a 2 week sale! You can save 15% on your order and most items are ready to ship! Visit my shop here.

Ivory Ring #1 Completed!

Here is my first attempt at completing the fossil walrus ivory ring. Its 14K yellow gold, white diamonds and a beautiful piece of ivory I hand cut. It was much more difficult than I thought to inlay the ivory but I already have some ideas for my next 2 rings which will be in silver (with brown diamonds and one with black diamonds).

Once I have perfected the inlay technique I plan to make a 18K palladium ring with cream ivory center and a spectrum of natural fancy color diamonds: grey, olive, light yellow, light pink, apricot, champagne and milk chocolate! I will post a picture of the diamonds once my contact sends them to me!

Rings in the making!

Its obvious that rings are a piece of jewelry I create the most! But what I love wearing the most are bangles 🙂 Here is a sample of rings in the making, lots of new rose cut diamonds and lots more on the way.

The ring in the front is a ring I made for myself, its a signet style ring for your pinky finger with a piece of walrus ivory that I will cut and inlay into the center.

My next batch of jewelry will be bangles and necklaces then some nice earrings that are very bling but still nice for daily wear. Look out for all these new designs over the next couple weeks.

Walrus Ivory Ring

Here is a sneak peak at a ring I made for myself! I will post some pictures once its completed along with 2 versions in silver with black diamonds and with mixed color brownish diamonds. There will be a piece of very special walrus ivory in the center.

Ancient Walrus Ivory

Finally got around to slicing these gorgeous fossils!  The entire process is quite tiring..ivory is fairly easy to work with but it generates A LOT of fine dust.

I have given the slabs a soft shine finish, I prefer it this way. If over polished I feel it looks like marble!

The thinner pieces will be set into bezels then strung into plain gold chains or wire wrapped chains with diamonds or mammoth beads. The thicker pieces will be drilled through to use as beads. I may insert a tube set diamond into some of the beads to add some extra bling.

I have a few of the larger pieces still waiting to be cut up, will post pics when they are ready.

Sapphire Lens

Remember the diamond shaker ring from a few posts ago? Here is a petite version of that ring! I will set tiny (1-2mm) fancy color rough diamonds (blue, green, yellow, orange, champagne, white and pink!) into these tiny bezels and cover them with real sapphire lens!

It will be a very limited product with only 50 being made. The band will be slim and set around the bezel so its a flush fit to the hand. They can still be layered quite nicely however due to the tiny size.

These rings will be part of a crystal collection which will also include diamond entrusted vials holding sapphires or rough diamonds! These are extremely limited with only 2-4 pieces being made. I will be posting these in my shop next week.

Fossil Walrus and Mammoth Ivory

I recently discovered this amazing material! Its extremely difficult to get in Canada because a special permit is needed to ship it across the border. Its due to the material being ivory and the customs officers cannot differentiate fossil ivory from fresh ivory (not true because fresh does not have much color!).

Anyways, I have some on the way and I cannot wait to set these lovely pieces as slices into bezels! They would make some really beautiful statement pendants and rings..even bracelets! I plan on doing plain bezel settings, some with diamonds set flush into the bezel (experimenting!) and eventually send some to my diamond setter in India to do a thin line of pave diamonds 🙂

Once I get the material in hand I will post some pictures, below is a sample!