New Items in Production

Its been a long time since I have blogged, I apologize. I have been neglecting my blog and other 2 shops to focus on my fabrication skills.

I will be back to posting every now and then as I am excited to share two new lines I am working on. The first is a series of diamonds (mostly rough) set in bezels with a clear sapphire lens. I have a prototype I was working on but the bezel height ended up too short so I have to re-do it this week. Its filled with pink, green and white rough diamonds!

The second line in progress is a series of snake, skull and other related stuff. This line will consist of simple little snake rings and bangles with or without stones.  Overall the theme will be  a lot of black.

Check back for more progress!

Training with a Diamond Setter

I had a very cool week of training with Gerry. It was fun and very informative for me.

The nice part of training is that is done at your own studio!

Gerry has a wealth of knowledge to share with those interested in diamond setting.  Gerry focuses on technique and developing your skills rather than teaching you shortcuts and ways to save time.  I understand for some companies time is money but there really is no shortcut for professional work.

We covered a variety of topics like gypsy setting, princess setting, round solitaires, channel setting and more!

I can’t decided which day was my favorite but I definitely enjoyed the time towards the end when we got to work with gravers! Bright cutting seems to be a dying art form but if you can see Gerry’s work in person I am sure you will get hooked!

I have attached Gerry’s contact information, he is very friendly and easy to work with so give him a call!

Setting Tutor Poster

Computer Back Up

Recently my lap top’s hard drive failed and I had lost my precious data. I thought that the network was set up to back up my data to another computer but that had stopped over one year ago!

Lucky for me there are data recovery specialists out there 🙂 I contacted Mannan through a local ad on Kijiji and he responded immediately and took in my hard drive. A short 2 days later I was able to pick up my data and was also surprised to see that my old hard drive was repaired!

I have learned my lesson and have already backed up my data to my old hard drive, a new one and to some Cd’s! A DVD is better but my laptop is older and does not have the ability to burn DVDs.

People in need of data recovery in the KW area can contact Mannan at mannan.canada AT He is easy to work with and the prices are very reasonable.

New Diamonds!

Sample of new diamonds! I will have some more pictures of remaining stock after Feb 14th….enjoy!

Exciting News

I am so excited!

I will be getting some diamond setting training in Feb! Its a 4 day intensive training program from my own home studio.  I will get an intro to engraving, setting stones in wax, pave, flush, gypsy cabochon, fishtail, cat’s claw etc.

After my training I hope to finally make some beautiful pave diamond slice necklaces and rings! I will most likely offer in silver until I am confident enough to work in gold.

I got some pictures from my supplier of the custom cut slices and they look AMAZING! I will send these out in the next newsletter for those on my mailing list.  More info on the tiny rose cut diamonds noted in the post below, size range is 2-4mm.

And I have some more diamonds on order! Fancy color round rose cuts,  low clarity but ‘gem’ quality in pink, yellow etc. I also have some color treated diamond slices coming in shades of blue and maybe even pink! The color treatment is unpredictable so I am not sure what the results will be….I may also get some solid black slices 🙂

My stock is on order and there are still some custom stones being sourced for color. I am aiming to have everything in hand by end of Feb.

New Rose Cut Diamonds

I am excited to get started on my new order of diamonds for next year! Below is a sample lot of lovely fancy color rose cuts in smaller sizes, perfect for tiny earrings or stacking rings.

Other new items include more fancy diamond slices in custom shapes like hearts, ovals, triangles, circles, squares! And rough diamond hearts, fancy color brilliant diamonds, and fancy shape rose cut diamonds!

New jewelry will be posted for the holidays and there will be a special promo in the new year just in time for valentines’ day!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Final Stock of Rose Cut Diamonds and Slices

Here is another sample photo of the stock arriving soon! I am getting 29 new tambuli rose cut diamonds from 4-8mm size (rounds), 48 new slices (mixed sizes, mostly in the 4-6mm range) and 75 tiny tambuli rose cut diamonds in 1-2mm sizes to make some very delicate jewelry.

And a very special heart shaped diamond slice!

I will be listing lots of new jewelry over the next couple weeks. First set includes bangles and necklaces only since I am quite lacking in this category. The second set will be a couple earrings and lots of new rose cut and slice rings!

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Tambuli Rose Cut Diamond

Here is the batch of tambuli rose cuts. They are completely natural in color and have beautiful gem like colors. Unlike the traditional rose cut the tambuli diamonds have a higher dome.

These diamonds were hand selected for their unique colors. I love the pale yellows, oranges and deep browns. Perfect colors for the fall season.

And since I could not resist I ordered a small batch of 1-2mm tambuli for some very tiny stacking rings or bangles and a few more diamond slices!! I will post these when I have some pictures from my supplier and details will follow on my website!