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Acrylic Deco

I finished a batch of Yoko Matsuda’s acrylic art for decorating a cell phone cover, ipod or anything! I still need to improve my acrylic art technique so I can get a more even surface. Using a good brush helps and a great tip from Yoko Matsuda: mix monomer and brush cleaner (both from EZ Flow) in a 2:3 ratio. This helps the powder dry slower so you have a longer working time. Using the best quality acrylic powder is essential. Another great tip from YM: use competition white EZ Flow powder, pure color pigments and blender to make your own custom colors!



I am concentrating on re-doing food tray 1 and 2. I do not feel some of the components turned out so well including the tray. On the side I finally got the hang of Yoko Matsuda’s acrylic bear. I love her nail art and have all her tutorials that were published in Nail Max.


Petite Cafe Model

Blogging is something that is new to me. WordPress is a fairly easy program to use for a beginner so I did not mind reading some of the basic tutorials. I still have a long way to go though.

Anyways, just to get started..I am currently working on building a miniature scale model of a petite cafe. It is my first project so it has taken a lot of trial and error and I still think there is lots of room for improvement. The process is fun and sometimes scary. The base model is made out of balsa wood which is very easy to cut and paint. If you want a wood that is easier to cut shapes such as circles try basswood instead. Foam PVC is fairly easy to work with but not as nice a finish as the balsa in my opinion. The colors used were cornflower blue and pale yellow (standard $1.00 bottles of acrylic paint at your local Micheal’s) they are awesome acrylics to use and so inexpensive!

I have finished the base and am working on adding some miniature accessories however I am not quite sure what to add!