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I have closed my jewelry store for a few weeks so I can focus on studying for the GMAT exam. Its months away but I need to prepare and do really well!

Also, it gives me an opportunity to makeover my shop. I need to take better pictures and there will also be a new theme to my jewelry. I felt like I was all over the place before, with no direction, no style to call my own.

I have finally decided on my theme, the ocean! I grew up by the sea and used to spend several hours every weekend just relaxing by the beach. I can’t believe I have survived in Canada for so long! I used to collect seashells, little crabs and snails and bring them home with me and build miniature beaches in an old lunch box. I used to be so adventurous and even got an open water diving license when I was in high school. When I came to Canada to start my undergraduate degree I forgot my home (which is still Dubai). I am excited for this line and hope you come back to visit to see my progress!