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Fancy Color Diamonds

I love colored diamonds. I just ordered some tiny stones from my supplier in shades of warmer colors this time. I lalready have a set of cool color rings in silver but these ones will be set in gold!

Custom Orders

Some lovely blue rose cuts. Items are still with my supplier but should arrive in a few months ๐Ÿ™‚ You can start submitting your orders though!

Contact me directly for details at decoalley (at) gmail (dot) com or visit my etsy shop at to submit an order through the custom order listing that is currently set up here.

Working Hard

In this tough economy starting a new business venture may not sound like a good thing to do but I think that all the creative people out there should give it a go! If you have a product or idea that you think may bring some benefit to people then it should be shared ๐Ÿ™‚ I am working extra hard on the business end of things since sales are slow but its been a fun learning experience.

Here is a picture of my first custom order, hope she likes it!

Rose Cut Diamond Stacking Rings

Finished some of the stacking rings last night and listed them on etsy! Some of the bezels were damaged so I will have to repair them. I love the look of all the rings stacked together and surprisingly they feel very light and are comfortable to wear!

Fab Finds

These beautiful little pear shaped diamonds are full of fire and are in great shades of yellow, grey and white! I have no idea how to bezel set these yet but I am definitely going to try! A traditional claw setting would not be too bad either but bezel setting these and creating some delicate stacking rings would be great!

New Stuff

I got some great gemstones and am dying to try set them! These tinyย  sapphires are full of color and shine. Since the sizes are slightly off I tried ready made bezels and they do not all fit….I am thinking that I need to work on making my own bezels for tiny stones from scratch. I think the practice will pay off since I can then start using some more oddly shaped stones!

The gold filled hoops were an experimental piece. I am trying to find some 19 gauge wire to use instead of 18 since its too light to forge into hoops.

Working with Druzy

I only recently discovered this natural stone. It is difficult to work with and almost seems to delicate to set but druzy adds a very interesting look to jewelry because each one is one of a kind. This is my first attempt to make a bezel for a irregular stone and it was a great success in my opinion! It will be posted in the shop tomorrow.

Rose Cut Sapphire

I finally tried setting some rose cut sapphires I got in some nice shades of orange and red. I would like to set them in yellow gold but silver just adds a really striking contrast against brightly colored gemstones.