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Japanese Craft Book Review-Story Quilt

Story Quilt



I love this book because……its just beautiful to look at. I have never really looked at or had any tiny bit of interest in quilting until I saw this book on eBay. It is one of the most unique books on quilting I found after doing some more research on other books. Its a definite must have for any Japanese craft book collector!

Note: This is a hard cover book!

Link to Amazon Japan:

Story Quilt

Japanese Craft Book Review- From My Dear Garden

From My Dear Garden

ISBN 978-4-277-31136-6

Yen 1400

I love the artist that creates this series of books (Tiny Garden). So far I have 4 books in total and I believe there are 3 more available on embroidery and 2 on cross-stitch. This particular book has some beautiful projects and very inspiring photos.  There are not many instructions in this book but it does include most of the patterns needed to re-create the projects.

Link to Amazon:

From My Dear Garden

Embroidery Animals and Insects



This is one of my most treasured books. It has tiny embroidery of animals! (my two loves…) The book is full of many designs and the traceable patterns come directly after a set of pages. Like most Japanese craft books, they are almost entirely in Japanese but the instructions are quite easy to follow especially if you have some knowledge on basic sewing and stitching. Even a complete beginner like me was able to figure it out!

I give top marks to this book. It should definitely be a part of your collection.

Link to Amazon Japan: N/A but can be found on eBay.