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Dollhouse Miniature Bread

It has been a long time since I worked with handmade miniatures. I was afraid that I lost my skills but was happy that these breads turned out so well! Its a project I have re-visited many times and I feel so far this is the best batch. I still need to conquer getting realistic insides (air bubbles) and working on more complicated designs.

Changing Gears

It is a challenge to work in two different fields. I am having a tough time changing gears between deco alley and my jewelry shop. I am finishing up a few more minis this week and then moving back to jewelry designing.

Miniature Bread-Trial Continuation

Still working on trying to get the most realistic placement of the miniature clay bread ‘bubbles’. So far my favorite have been the slices in the picture.

Miniature Bread-Trial

Lately I have been obsessed with 2 things. PMC clay and miniature clay bread! Today I spent some time in the morning trying some new techniques to improve my miniature clay bread techniques. I already have a secret blend that I use but I want to really create very realistic looking bread. Here is the trial shape I have created so far…

Food Sets-Completed

I rushed through these food sets but they turned out OK. Everything was handmade so there is room for improvement. I would like to re-visit these projects in the future to improve the designs.


Miniature Breakfast Plate

I want to complete 3 more food related projects this week and spend the following week on a larger project (room box) before the MET show on Sat and Sun. I am fairly happy with how the breakfast plate turned out.


Several Projects Completed

The MET show in Toronto is the following weekend and I have been on a good run lately. I completed 4 projects in 2 days!


Miniature Bread Box

The breads and vintage box are built and ready for display. I am still working on building a table and flooring for this second kitchen project but cannot get the table proportions correct.