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As much as I love diamonds I also have a soft spot for sapphires. They come in every color under the rainbow! The white sapphires can look just as great, sometimes better, than diamonds when set to be worn as a solitaire.

These are new sapphires that will be arriving in a few weeks! I am looking for some fancy cuts like marquise and heart. I have some special bezels on order to set these fancy stones in!! All in sterling silver too…

Etsy Shop Update

I finally got my laptop back from my husband…he was on a trip with it. I was able to add some nice new pieces to my shop. Next in line is a modern bridal collection modeled in sterling sliver, with a new gold pieces too!

Etsy Shop Update

I finally got around adding a few of the pieces from my basics jewelry line…the rest of the items can be found via the Etsy shop link in my sidebar! Only a few more pieces to add to this collection then I can start working on my bridal line which will be modeled in sterling silver but will be made to order in gold.