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Cotton Time Jan 2007

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I was fortunate to find this older copy of cotton time on etsy. Its a great issue with a very cute section on applique work. There are other interesting projects in this book such as fabric bags, smocking clothes, leg warmers and a nice section on decor for your project/sewing room.

Cotton Time Nov 2008

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Another great issue from Cotton Time. This one has a lot of Christmas themed ideas that are very funky and not the traditional decorations. There is a great section on making cute tops and some great applique cushions. There is also a super cute tutorial on making place mats and small hanging decorations with the foam sheets you can get from the dollar store!

Best place to find this copy would be on eBay.

Japanese Craft Book Reviews-Part 2

I got a bunch of new books so I am going to share some more reviews with you! First one for today is one of my new and all time favorite magazines: Cotton Time!

Cotton Time January 2009


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Great issue of Cotton Time. This is the latest one on stands. The one item that really pushed me to get this issue was the cute apple and crochet pin cushion!! The remaining content is amazing too: key holders, bags, amazing crochet borders, and lots of inspiration. I recommend getting this book from either eBay or Superbuzzy.

Japanese Craft Book Review- Cotton Time Issue 75

Cotton Time

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I ordered this book once I saw the cover. The advent calendar was a project I wanted to try to make. This magazine was published in November and has a lot of Christmas related projects but there are a ton of other little projects and lots of inspiration in this magazine. This is one reason why I admire Japanese culture. Everything is so visual and appealing. I do not find North American magazines enjoyable to look through as much as Japanese magazines even though I cannot read anything! My collection is timeless and I hope to pass it down to my kids if they ever find an interest in crafts.

Note: Unfortunately this is no longer published. You will need to find a reputable seller on eBay or Etsy to find this issue for you.

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