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Japanese Craft Book Review-Cotton & Paint Vol 31

Cotton & Paint VolumeĀ  31

4910039210386 00857

Yen 857

This issue is packed with super cute purses and bags. Also an adorable scarf project and some cute crochet drink coasters. I only have 1 other issue of Cotton & Paint but hope to find some more issues especially the ones released in 2008. This issue also has a great section on home decor and how to re-create that vintage feel and look on furniture with some simple diagrams that are easy to figure out. I recommend Superbuzzy again if looking to purchase.

Japanese Craft Book Review-Stitch Ideas Vol 5

Stitch Ideas Volume 5

ISBN 978-4-529-04418-9

Yen 933

This is one of my favorite volumes of stitch ideas. This issue is full of very cute and inspiring projects and is a must have in your Japanese craft magazine collection. I got my issue from Superbuzzy.

Japanese Craft Book Reviews-Part 2

I got a bunch of new books so I am going to share some more reviews with you! First one for today is one of my new and all time favorite magazines: Cotton Time!

Cotton Time January 2009


Yen 980

Great issue of Cotton Time. This is the latest one on stands. The one item that really pushed me to get this issue was the cute apple and crochet pin cushion!! The remaining content is amazing too: key holders, bags, amazing crochet borders, and lots of inspiration. I recommend getting this book from either eBay or Superbuzzy.

Japanese Craft Book Review-Embroidery Design Note

Embroidery Design Note

ISBN 978-4-277-31167-0


Another great book by Kazuko Aoki. There are some great projects in this book that are not in the others, such as an alphabet done with straw colored threads and a tiny robin with its nest! The pictures are clear and colorful. I wish I could read Japanese because I have note been able to find a material that re-creates that wonderful grassy patch that she bases her embroidery on, as in Tiny Garden. If anyone has a clue please let me know!!

Link to Amazon Japan: Embroidery Design Note

Japanese Craft Book Review- Cotton Time Issue 75

Cotton Time

Reference Number 4910138231176 00838

Yen 880

I ordered this book once I saw the cover. The advent calendar was a project I wanted to try to make. This magazine was published in November and has a lot of Christmas related projects but there are a ton of other little projects and lots of inspiration in this magazine. This is one reason why I admire Japanese culture. Everything is so visual and appealing. I do not find North American magazines enjoyable to look through as much as Japanese magazines even though I cannot read anything! My collection is timeless and I hope to pass it down to my kids if they ever find an interest in crafts.

Note: Unfortunately this is no longer published. You will need to find a reputable seller on eBay or Etsy to find this issue for you.

Link to Amazon Japan: N/A
Found a European site that may ship overseas? Link

Needle Felt Wool Sweets


Yen 1000

I always feel so inspired to try out projects from this book but currently do not have the supplies to do so. I love the way the artist arranges the small felt fruits on top on the cake bases to give the project a realistic look. Another great craft book with beautiful pictures, clear instructions and a reference to products that can be purchased on Japanese websites.

Note: Japanese site to buy felt goods from Shugeiya

Link to Amazon Japan:

Neele Felt Wool Sweets