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New Rose Cut Diamonds

I am excited to get started on my new order of diamonds for next year! Below is a sample lot of lovely fancy color rose cuts in smaller sizes, perfect for tiny earrings or stacking rings.

Other new items include more fancy diamond slices in custom shapes like hearts, ovals, triangles, circles, squares! And rough diamond hearts, fancy color brilliant diamonds, and fancy shape rose cut diamonds!

New jewelry will be posted for the holidays and there will be a special promo in the new year just in time for valentines’ day!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

New Rose Cut and Flat Diamond Stock

I apologize for lack of updates. I got a new puppy and for the last 3 months my work and part of my life has been on hold (haha).

Anyways, sales have slowly been increasing and I have been working hard to get new customers to join my mailing list. There is alot of competition out there but its best to remain positive and work hard 🙂

To plan my inventory for the upcoming holidays I have been working with my suppliers to buy some new and lovely stock of flat and rose cut diamonds. Here is a sampling of what is on its way…plus with some left over cash I am going to invest into some tambuli and polki diamonds too (Indian cuts!!).

You can view in better detail the stock once it arrives and is up on my website


Dubai Gold Souq

I am excited to announce that I will be heading off to Dubai on May 29th to sit, observe and learn as much as I can from expert diamond setters and goldsmiths! My supplier there is so nice and he has welcomed me to come and experience Indian/Middle Eastern style jewelry in his shop. The studio is tiny and jam packed with jewelers from India that have been trained for several years under their fathers and grandfathers…no one has had formal training at schools, like me 🙂 I hope to absorb as much as I can and ask many questions and have hopefully come back with some great experience, techniques, tips and tricks, and some new base pieces to mold!!

I will be away May 29th to July 5th. Once I am back I have a wedding to attend that week and should be back to work in full swing by July 12/13th.  I will have access to Internet daily so please feel free to contact me. I will be working on listing a few new items before I leave.

Few More Stones..

Some more lovely diamonds, enjoy! Contact me to get details on sizes and cost to set in gold. Silver may be an option for some if you are looking for prong settings. I will work to try to make some silver bezels from scratch but the work involved will not really be cost effective….

Fancy Cut Diamonds

I went on a mad spree for new diamonds! These pieces are stunning and will make some beautiful one of a kind engagement rings! The size range is on the smaller size to keep them affordable but not too small that they are not noticeable 🙂

Available for custom work, please contact me for further details.

Conflict Free Diamonds

I love working with diamonds, they have a sparkle that cannot be beat by any other gemstone. I also love working with conflict free stones. I only deal with a few suppliers and their receipts come with a note guaranteeing that the gemstones and diamonds supplied are conflict free plus they are very reputable companies in the US and one or two are abroad. I am glad the awareness for conflict free jewelry is increasing!

New Projects

I am setting a goal for myself to list about 2 new items in my shop for this week. Tonight I have already listed some hammered hoops and the next item will be a pair of rose cut studs.

I am going to set a pair of small black ones today and later this week add some colored ones! See below for the pictures of the gorgeous stones.

Lots of Stacking Rings

I spent literally the whole day creating many bezels, rings and settings. It was a great learning experience for me especially since I am self taught. I really want to learn how to set tiny stones both round and non round! One project I failed today was soldering the rose gold filled bands. I will be re-attempting that tomorrow!!