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Rainbow Druzy and Large Black Rose Cut Diamond

I need to stop my addiction of buying stones all the time…but then again it is a great investment for my business. I see stones as rare and one of a kind, once they are gone they are gone forever! These are some gorgeous stones I purchased today from my suppliers. I cannot wait to set the druzy with pave around (going for training this year!!) I would like to keep them as pairs but they would also make stunning pendants or a ring. The black diamond is natural and is about 10mm in size! I think I will set this in silver or white gold…depends on the cost because I would like to keep it affordable.

Please message me if you would like to reserve these stones for a custom order.

Working with Druzy

I only recently discovered this natural stone. It is difficult to work with and almost seems to delicate to set but druzy adds a very interesting look to jewelry because each one is one of a kind. This is my first attempt to make a bezel for a irregular stone and it was a great success in my opinion! It will be posted in the shop tomorrow.