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Japanese Craft Book Review-Cotton & Paint Vol 31

Cotton & Paint Volume  31

4910039210386 00857

Yen 857

This issue is packed with super cute purses and bags. Also an adorable scarf project and some cute crochet drink coasters. I only have 1 other issue of Cotton & Paint but hope to find some more issues especially the ones released in 2008. This issue also has a great section on home decor and how to re-create that vintage feel and look on furniture with some simple diagrams that are easy to figure out. I recommend Superbuzzy again if looking to purchase.

Japanese Craft Book Review-Stitch Ideas Vol 5

Stitch Ideas Volume 5

ISBN 978-4-529-04418-9

Yen 933

This is one of my favorite volumes of stitch ideas. This issue is full of very cute and inspiring projects and is a must have in your Japanese craft magazine collection. I got my issue from Superbuzzy.

Japanese Craft Book Review-Embroidery Design Note

Embroidery Design Note

ISBN 978-4-277-31167-0


Another great book by Kazuko Aoki. There are some great projects in this book that are not in the others, such as an alphabet done with straw colored threads and a tiny robin with its nest! The pictures are clear and colorful. I wish I could read Japanese because I have note been able to find a material that re-creates that wonderful grassy patch that she bases her embroidery on, as in Tiny Garden. If anyone has a clue please let me know!!

Link to Amazon Japan: Embroidery Design Note

Japanese Craft Book Review- From My Dear Garden

From My Dear Garden

ISBN 978-4-277-31136-6

Yen 1400

I love the artist that creates this series of books (Tiny Garden). So far I have 4 books in total and I believe there are 3 more available on embroidery and 2 on cross-stitch. This particular book has some beautiful projects and very inspiring photos.  There are not many instructions in this book but it does include most of the patterns needed to re-create the projects.

Link to Amazon:

From My Dear Garden

Cute Embroidery for a Princess

ISBN 978-4-8163-4498-5

Yen 1200

This is a cute book with some nice ideas on small embroidery. The book has sections with diagrams to explain (in Japanese) how to embroider some of the designs. This book is not in my top five but I would still recommend it to someone looking for some cute girly designs!

Link to Amazon:

Cute Embroidery for a Princess

Japanese Craft Book Reveiw- Igne Oyalari

Igne Oyalari

ISBN 978-4-277-31166-3

Yen 1500

This is one Japanese book that I wished I could read Japanese. It is full of beautiful pictures of an exquisite form of needle lace embroidery. My favorite are  the  3D earrings and necklaces. The color combinations of the embroidery in this book are beautiful.  I would recommend this book for the viewing pleasure.

Link to Amazon:

Igne Oyalari

Embroidery Animals and Insects



This is one of my most treasured books. It has tiny embroidery of animals! (my two loves…) The book is full of many designs and the traceable patterns come directly after a set of pages. Like most Japanese craft books, they are almost entirely in Japanese but the instructions are quite easy to follow especially if you have some knowledge on basic sewing and stitching. Even a complete beginner like me was able to figure it out!

I give top marks to this book. It should definitely be a part of your collection.

Link to Amazon Japan: N/A but can be found on eBay.

Japanese Craft Book Review- Simple Stitch Life

I apologize to any visitors on my lack of writing lately. Its nearing holiday season and my mind as been elsewhere.

OK, here is my first review.

Simple Stitch Life

ISBN 978-4-579-11103-9

Yen 1300 (You do not pay the tax price if ordering internationally Y 1365)

This is a very cute book in my opinion and as the title dictates, the designs are very simple and almost “imperfect”. The pictures are inspiring and the patterns are easy to follow and use some of the most basic embroidery stitches (I am not an expert at embroidery!).

Tip: If you plan on purchasing several books at one time consider ordering directly from Amazon Japan. The shipping cost is Yen 2700 with a handling charge of Y300 for each additional item but the costs are still lower than ordering from a US dealer since you are not paying more than double the cost for 1 book. Shipping to Canada only took 3 days and I paid no duty or tax since DHL is good with handling items plus air shipping usually factors in the cost of a brokerage fee in the shipping.

Here is the link to Amazon Japan for this book:

Simple Stitch Life