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New Theme

I have been contemplating about what to do with my shop for some time. I feel like its become too disorganized and there is no ‘theme’ to my jewelry. I thought over it the last several weeks and finally figured it out!

My Etsy store, website, facebook page and blog will be undergoing some major makeovers in the next couple months, stay tuned!

(and that includes the jewelry too :))

Tambuli Rose Cut Diamond

Here is the batch of tambuli rose cuts. They are completely natural in color and have beautiful gem like colors. Unlike the traditional rose cut the tambuli diamonds have a higher dome.

These diamonds were hand selected for their unique colors. I love the pale yellows, oranges and deep browns. Perfect colors for the fall season.

And since I could not resist I ordered a small batch of 1-2mm tambuli for some very tiny stacking rings or bangles and a few more diamond slices!! I will post these when I have some pictures from my supplier and details will follow on my website!

Rose Cut Gems

More pictures from the same supplier sending me the flat garnet slices…this is a selection of some of the lovely stones I am getting! I do not know if I will be able to finish any pieces before my vacation but custom requests are welcome to reserve the stock. Gemstones include iolite and amethyst, blue sapphire, emerald, pink tourmaline, flat onyx, citrine, aquamarine, brandy topaz and lapis!

Rose Cut Diamond Pendant

I love how this tiny pendant turned out. It reminds me of a bindi! I have discovered a very unique and exciting method of creating bezels for these tiny diamonds and cannot wait to try out some more projects! I have uploaded several new projects in my shop, check them out!

Etsy Shop Update

I finally got around adding a few of the pieces from my basics jewelry line…the rest of the items can be found via the Etsy shop link in my sidebar! Only a few more pieces to add to this collection then I can start working on my bridal line which will be modeled in sterling silver but will be made to order in gold.

New Cases

I am going to remove my handmade miniatures from my shop since I have not sold any in the past year. I think I will auction them off on Yahoo Japan since my other miniatures have sold really well in the past.

Here is a rough preview on some new cases. I have even having custom made lip balms that I will be decorating with some cute miniature items. They should be in the shop by the end of this month!

I am also working on updating my jewelry shop. I rushed the opening unfortunately. My prices are also too low and the pictures need to be redone. I am building a light box tomorrow and will be experimenting with taking some new photographs!

Lots of Stacking Rings

I spent literally the whole day creating many bezels, rings and settings. It was a great learning experience for me especially since I am self taught. I really want to learn how to set tiny stones both round and non round! One project I failed today was soldering the rose gold filled bands. I will be re-attempting that tomorrow!!

New Etsy Shop

Here is a link to my new shop! I am continuing to study jewelry design (mostly on my own with some guidance from my PMC teacher). In the next couple weeks I am going to be experimenting with gemstones, cabochons and some raw diamonds! Come back and visit 🙂