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Sample Work-Jewelry

I have been slowly building up a collection of fine and sterling silver pieces to list on a new etsy shop. What is left to decide is a shop name, theme for the photographs and a banner.


It is closing in on the one year anniversary of my etsy shop. It has been a great experience learning about online marketing and business techniques. I set a goal of 50 sales for my first year and I have surpassed it. This year I hope to increase sales, grow awareness of my shop and work hard to improve the quality of my miniatures.

Online Interview with Debbie Gootter

I was PM’d on etsy a short while ago by Debbie of Debbie Gootter Designs asking me if I would be interested in being a featured etsy seller on her blog! I was very excited and said yes 🙂 Check it out on her blog Etsy Featured Artist