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New Diamonds!

Sample of new diamonds! I will have some more pictures of remaining stock after Feb 14th….enjoy!


As much as I love diamonds I also have a soft spot for sapphires. They come in every color under the rainbow! The white sapphires can look just as great, sometimes better, than diamonds when set to be worn as a solitaire.

These are new sapphires that will be arriving in a few weeks! I am looking for some fancy cuts like marquise and heart. I have some special bezels on order to set these fancy stones in!! All in sterling silver too…

Fancy Cut Diamonds

I went on a mad spree for new diamonds! These pieces are stunning and will make some beautiful one of a kind engagement rings! The size range is on the smaller size to keep them affordable but not too small that they are not noticeable 🙂

Available for custom work, please contact me for further details.

New Stock

A few new pieces of stock I could not resist plus some new 5mm grey rose cut diamonds arriving next week. I am also working on setting up a separate website for my jewelry and get back into making miniatures and deco items!

Last Part of New Stock

These two large rose cuts (1.13 and 1.68 carats) are absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait to see them in person! They are natural in color, the black oval shaped rose cut looks like it has smoke floating inside it!

These two beauties will be the last bit of my new stock coming in. My poor car just broke down and we have to start shopping around for a new one. I am going to work like crazy and put up tons of new stock up in my store over the next month and hopefully get sales 🙂

Some new items are being listed tomorrow, please check them out!

New Stock – Rose Cut Diamonds

Latest Stock 🙂 Some beautiful new rose cuts in very generous sizes. These stones will make stunning engagement rings.

Only available for custom work, please contact me for a quote.

More stock arriving including a round bright orange rose cut (1.68 carats), I cannot wait to see how this will look once set! I am also locating some natural black rose cut diamonds through my supplier, just waiting to see what he has available. I am into pear and oval shapes these days……..