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New Rose Cut and Flat Diamond Stock

I apologize for lack of updates. I got a new puppy and for the last 3 months my work and part of my life has been on hold (haha).

Anyways, sales have slowly been increasing and I have been working hard to get new customers to join my mailing list. There is alot of competition out there but its best to remain positive and work hard 🙂

To plan my inventory for the upcoming holidays I have been working with my suppliers to buy some new and lovely stock of flat and rose cut diamonds. Here is a sampling of what is on its way…plus with some left over cash I am going to invest into some tambuli and polki diamonds too (Indian cuts!!).

You can view in better detail the stock once it arrives and is up on my website


Square Diamond Slices

These lovely stones speak for themselves!! I love how they are not perfect squares….so they look nice bezel set even though the sides are uneven.  These flat diamonds look great on their own and even lovelier stacked with plain bands. I want to find some larger stones so I can make a fun wedding set with a flush sapphire/diamond band to complement it.

Shop Update

Despite all the bad luck I have been having with orders…here are some new projects I managed to finish…*sigh*