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Miniature Tips-My Top Five Products

I thought instead of a tutorial (since it takes way too long to set up) I would share my top five products I use on a daily basis to create some of my miniature foods!

1. Japanese Resix clay (starch and resin clay) is great for creating fruits, veggies and breads.

2.  Pando clay (usually used to make flowers) is excellent for making breads when mixed with a super light weight air dry clay (can be found at Micheal’s stores).

3. Delta acrylic paints are awesome to paint foods and to mix in with the 2 air dry clays above. They have a smooth texture and a great selection of colors! Good idea to stock up when on sale.

4. Basic tools: toothpicks, toothbrush, tweezers and embroidery scissors. Basic items used to create many foods and miniature breads. Use the toothbrush to texture the surface and fine point scissors to cut the shapes on top of the breads. Toothpicks are great for creating textures or holding tools. Tweezers are great to move stuff around if your  hands are covered in paint!

5.  Sculpey white clay is excellent to create a prototype of the miniature food you want to build. You can then bake and take a mold of it if you want to make several copies of an item such as berries!

Hope these are useful to someone! You can find the 2 Japanese air clays fairly easily on etsy now…or try to find a nice seller on eBay/etsy that lives in Japan that does custom purchases 🙂

Miniature Singles

Back to writing after a short break. The MET show in Toronto was not as I expected….the turn out of people was fairly low and sales were slow but it was an excellent learning experience and everyone at the show was very nice!

Since the whole world seems to be in economic turmoil I am going to be concentrating on making small dollhouse food miniatures to sell on etsy as an experiment. I learned from the show that people prefer buying singles rather than a set as they may be adding to an existing dollhouse or scene.


Food Sets-Completed

I rushed through these food sets but they turned out OK. Everything was handmade so there is room for improvement. I would like to re-visit these projects in the future to improve the designs.


Miniature Breakfast Plate

I want to complete 3 more food related projects this week and spend the following week on a larger project (room box) before the MET show on Sat and Sun. I am fairly happy with how the breakfast plate turned out.


Several Projects Completed

The MET show in Toronto is the following weekend and I have been on a good run lately. I completed 4 projects in 2 days!


Cafe Project

Started a new project after finishing up the food trays and I am about 90% complete in one day! I am trying to squeeze in as many displays I can up until the MET show in Toronto the following weekend.


Food Tray-Completion

This set of food trays turned out much better than the last couple time hopefully they will look even more realistic!


Food Tray-Continuation

Continuing working on finishing up the food tray ideas from a Japanese miniaturist. Its alot of work but fun to find out how the items will turn out.