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Dubai Gold Souq

I am excited to announce that I will be heading off to Dubai on May 29th to sit, observe and learn as much as I can from expert diamond setters and goldsmiths! My supplier there is so nice and he has welcomed me to come and experience Indian/Middle Eastern style jewelry in his shop. The studio is tiny and jam packed with jewelers from India that have been trained for several years under their fathers and grandfathers…no one has had formal training at schools, like me 🙂 I hope to absorb as much as I can and ask many questions and have hopefully come back with some great experience, techniques, tips and tricks, and some new base pieces to mold!!

I will be away May 29th to July 5th. Once I am back I have a wedding to attend that week and should be back to work in full swing by July 12/13th.  I will have access to Internet daily so please feel free to contact me. I will be working on listing a few new items before I leave.

Rose Cut Diamond Stacking Rings

Finished some of the stacking rings last night and listed them on etsy! Some of the bezels were damaged so I will have to repair them. I love the look of all the rings stacked together and surprisingly they feel very light and are comfortable to wear!

New Cabochon Stacking Rings

I think I am done with the cabochon stacking rings. Tomorrow I will start working with some sapphire rose cuts and try out some new design ideas I have for some cute necklaces and earrings!

Rose Cut Diamonds

I love wearing rings in slim stacks, both plain and with gemstones. I am working on improving my skills at soldering slim rings out of gold filled and sterling silver wire. I am trying many different combinations of styles to come up with something unique. This week I am finishing up the cabochon stack rings and next week I get to work with some gorgeous rose cut diamonds I am getting from India! They will be in various sizes and shapes…I will share some pictures of the goods with you!