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More New Diamonds in Shades of Grey

Beautiful new dainty diamonds. I have figured out my general style of jewelry to be delicate pieces, including setting smaller and difficult stone shapes. I am going to Dubai for training this summer and am going to be taking some courses in the US to introduce myself to bead and channel setting. I would like to be able to complete a few simple projects before the end of this year.

Last Part of New Stock

These two large rose cuts (1.13 and 1.68 carats) are absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait to see them in person! They are natural in color, the black oval shaped rose cut looks like it has smoke floating inside it!

These two beauties will be the last bit of my new stock coming in. My poor car just broke down and we have to start shopping around for a new one. I am going to work like crazy and put up tons of new stock up in my store over the next month and hopefully get sales 🙂

Some new items are being listed tomorrow, please check them out!