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More Jewelry in the Making

Still piles of work on my bench waiting to be finished…I want to stock up on ready to ship items for my relaunch. I am working on taking photos of the items that are finished!

Next month I will be getting more tiny seahorses, starfish and shells that I will cast along with some new walrus ivory! Everything is ethically sourced. The seahorses are farm raised and died of natural causes, the starfish are found washed up along the beaches of Florida as are the shells.

Sapphire Lens

Remember the diamond shaker ring from a few posts ago? Here is a petite version of that ring! I will set tiny (1-2mm) fancy color rough diamonds (blue, green, yellow, orange, champagne, white and pink!) into these tiny bezels and cover them with real sapphire lens!

It will be a very limited product with only 50 being made. The band will be slim and set around the bezel so its a flush fit to the hand. They can still be layered quite nicely however due to the tiny size.

These rings will be part of a crystal collection which will also include diamond entrusted vials holding sapphires or rough diamonds! These are extremely limited with only 2-4 pieces being made. I will be posting these in my shop next week.