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New Tiny Trims

I love my tiny stacking rings, the fun shapes are delicate and great for layering with existing bands or on their own! I am happy to announce that I have a special line of flower and heart tiny trims coming in over the next few weeks! Items pictured are a tiny daisy, poppy and heart. Some of the items hold stones (1.7mm).

These trims can be soldered onto bands, earrings, jump rings and more! I still have to get the molds made and then get them cast. I am waiting for the company to get back to me on the costs and time line.

I will only be ordering a small batch at this time, if you would like to place an order for these trims please let me know! Silver and 14K rose, yellow, white and green gold is available.

More New Diamonds in Shades of Grey

Beautiful new dainty diamonds. I have figured out my general style of jewelry to be delicate pieces, including setting smaller and difficult stone shapes. I am going to Dubai for training this summer and am going to be taking some courses in the US to introduce myself to bead and channel setting. I would like to be able to complete a few simple projects before the end of this year.