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Walrus Ivory Ring

Here is a sneak peak at a ring I made for myself! I will post some pictures once its completed along with 2 versions in silver with black diamonds and with mixed color brownish diamonds. There will be a piece of very special walrus ivory in the center.

Ancient Walrus Ivory

Finally got around to slicing these gorgeous fossils!  The entire process is quite tiring..ivory is fairly easy to work with but it generates A LOT of fine dust.

I have given the slabs a soft shine finish, I prefer it this way. If over polished I feel it looks like marble!

The thinner pieces will be set into bezels then strung into plain gold chains or wire wrapped chains with diamonds or mammoth beads. The thicker pieces will be drilled through to use as beads. I may insert a tube set diamond into some of the beads to add some extra bling.

I have a few of the larger pieces still waiting to be cut up, will post pics when they are ready.