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Miniature Kitchen Project#2-Completion

Finally after a long weekend and alot of work the second kitchen project was finished today with the table and floor assembly and the addition of a egg slicer! Two sets were created, one for auction and the other for the September show.


New Project-Kitchen Scene#2

My new project will be another kitchen based scene. A antique table, weathered kitchen flooring, misc. kitchen goods and a box of breads for underneath the table to add some extra fun stuff.

Today was mainly focused on building and completing the singles and then putting together a small trial scene.


Kitchen Project Completion!

I have finally finished the small kitchen scene I was building. It took forever because I came up with the design from scratch and did not know where to begin then where to finish. I will re-visit this piece closer to the show in September and will hopefully be able to make a few improvements. Comments are appreciated.

Size in cm: 7.5 L x 3.5 W x 6.5 H