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New Earrings

I am loving how these earrings I am working on are turning out! I am finishing it up by polishing to get a shine on the high areas and the tube bezels will be set with some pretty green sapphires to stimulate leaves. Will hopefully be posted in the shop by tomorrow morning.

Sample Work-Jewelry

I have been slowly building up a collection of fine and sterling silver pieces to list on a new etsy shop. What is left to decide is a shop name, theme for the photographs and a banner.

PMC Clay Projects

Here are some other projects I have been working on. In class I learned how to create a tube bead. It was difficult to get a texture with the syringe clay on top of the tube bead but I like how it turned out! The keys are a project I tried at home and were made without the use of molds!

Jewelry Course

I will be taking a break from the Japanese craft book reviews for some time. I wanted to share my progress on a PMC clay jewelry course that I am attending here in Kitchener, Ontario.

I recently discovered this material and found a great instructor willing to set up some beginner courses. So far I have created some leaf paste earrings and pendants and this handmade wreath pendant from PMC original.

I will share some pictures of my own projects tomorrow!

PMC Class Projects

I signed up for some basic PMC classes at a local studio in Kitchener (Cynosure) . The instructor was great and the price was so reasonable! We completed 4 pieces during the program and I still had lots of clay left over to try some projects at home. I loved the look of my paste leaf pendant so I made a couple more 🙂