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As much as I love diamonds I also have a soft spot for sapphires. They come in every color under the rainbow! The white sapphires can look just as great, sometimes better, than diamonds when set to be worn as a solitaire.

These are new sapphires that will be arriving in a few weeks! I am looking for some fancy cuts like marquise and heart. I have some special bezels on order to set these fancy stones in!! All in sterling silver too…

Rose Cut Sapphires and More!

Here is a lovely pic of some of the new stock I am working with! Items include rose cut sapphires, diamonds and tourmaline plus a lovely agate, dendrite and coral that I got drilled. I will be attempting to set these as pendants with sterling or gold tube rivets.

All items are available for custom orders before I list them in my shop 🙂

New Stuff

I got some great gemstones and am dying to try set them! These tiny  sapphires are full of color and shine. Since the sizes are slightly off I tried ready made bezels and they do not all fit….I am thinking that I need to work on making my own bezels for tiny stones from scratch. I think the practice will pay off since I can then start using some more oddly shaped stones!

The gold filled hoops were an experimental piece. I am trying to find some 19 gauge wire to use instead of 18 since its too light to forge into hoops.

Rose Cut Sapphire

I finally tried setting some rose cut sapphires I got in some nice shades of orange and red. I would like to set them in yellow gold but silver just adds a really striking contrast against brightly colored gemstones.

New Cabochon Stacking Rings

I think I am done with the cabochon stacking rings. Tomorrow I will start working with some sapphire rose cuts and try out some new design ideas I have for some cute necklaces and earrings!