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New Theme

I have been contemplating about what to do with my shop for some time. I feel like its become too disorganized and there is no ‘theme’ to my jewelry. I thought over it the last several weeks and finally figured it out!

My Etsy store, website, facebook page and blog will be undergoing some major makeovers in the next couple months, stay tuned!

(and that includes the jewelry too :))

Miniature Antique Shop Completion

Finally finished the antique shop. It turned out OK but was so time consuming and laborious at the end that I rushed some details (need to learn more patience!)


Antique Shop Continuation

I have been lazy the last couple of days. After a short break I finished some more small articles and the base for the antique shop. I used a dry brushing technique to get the weathered look to the panels on the outside of the shop.